Rank one Hammond gets 6K as Sigma, explains how he’d improve the hero

Blizzard Entertainment

Yeatle is one of Overwatch’s best Wrecking Ball/Hammond players, continuously finding himself as the top-ranked “baller”. Now he’s set his sights on Sigma and has invested 40+ hours into the tank on the PTR. 

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The tank legend posted an “unrelated” clip of him casually picking up six kills with the game’s newest hero and a list of changes he thinks he would make Sigma better. 

“My thoughts after 40+ hours on Sigma: shield cast is too clunky, rock [Accretion] cast is too long, shift [Kinetic Grasp] feels like it should either give more shields or block more damage types, primary [HyperSpheres] would benefit from slight knockback or stronger central pull, his ultimate [Gravitic Flux] is vgood,” the Hammond main wrote. 

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Sigma’s accretion ability is a powerful crowd control attack in which a rock is launched at an enemy. Depending on how far away a target is when they get hit, the longer the stun is.

Kinetic grasp allows Sigma to absorb attacks with the exception of beams and get temporary shields. He can also use this ability to eat enemy ultimates just like D.va’s defense matrix. 

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Sigma is a very difficult hero with a three-star difficulty, meaning it’s going to take a lot of skill and practice to get the most out of this Talon tank.

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In the comments Yeatle added, “I just feel like what makes him underpowered is how easily he can be dove or ran over so these are just some ideas to make him feel playable against a variety of comps.” 

Blizzard EntertainmentSigma is Overwatch’s 31st hero
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However, he doesn’t think all of his changes should be implemented together. “They should definitely do one or two changes at a time and see where he goes from there,” he explained. 

Dexerto asked Yeatle how he would fix the shield’s clunkiness. “I think either split spawn and delete shield into two seperate bindings or make holding right click more responsive than it currently is,” he replied. 

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Sigma has already been slightly changed on the Public Test Realm where Blizzard buffed kinetic grasp, reducing its cooldown from 15 seconds to 13. Additionally, the per damage conversion was increased from 0.33 to 0.40. 

Only time will tell if Blizzard decides to buff the newest tank or follow up on some of Yeatle’s suggestions.