Pro Overwatch team forgets objective so badly Gold players are mocking them

Payload on Route 66Blizzard

A pro Overwatch team in Contenders Australia forgets the objective so badly that it might be the worst C9 Overwatch has ever seen, so much so that Gold players are even mocking them. 

C9-ing might be up there with the most embarrassing things a player can do in an Overwatch game. The term came about in a match between Cloud9 and Afreeca Freecs Blue where Cloud9 completely forgot the objective twice in a row in the series. 

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Thus, the organization has forever cemented itself in Overwatch history as a meme for when a team completely forgets about the objective and loses the round, or game. 

Now however, Contenders Australia might have seen one of the worst cases of C9 Overwatch in recent times. The incident occurred in a group stage match between Ground Zero and Supernova on the third map. 

The biggest Overwatch C9 in 2023

Supernova was 0-2 down, and if they won this third map in overtime, they could extend the series. However, in one of the most bizarre sequences of events, the entire team dived into Ground Zero so hard that they completely forgot the most important thing: the payload.

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Even when they only had 15 seconds left to touch the payload, Supernova was still taking space, pushing Supernova further into the map despite having ample space to comfortably move the payload up.

Only when Supernova had seven seconds left did they realize their mistake, with the entire team diving toward the payload. Needless to say, they failed, allowing Ground Zero to have an easy overtime round with the payload essentially untouched. 

Of course, players were dumbfounded at what they had just witnessed. “What were they going for there?” a Redditor questioned. “If this happened in my Gold ranked games, I’d genuinely be embarrassed” another commented.

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Obviously, Ground Zero won the entire series very easily, ending it with a 3-0 series win. Remember everyone, don’t forget the objective.