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Powerful Overwatch Wrecking Ball technique knocks back enemies multiple times

Published: 21/May/2019 8:39 Updated: 21/May/2019 9:16

by Joe O'Brien


A powerful Wrecking Ball technique allows you to knockback enemies multiple times in quick succession.

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Wrecking Ball is one of the game’s most unique champions, with a powerful set of movement mechanics that are unlike anything offered by another character.

Once Wrecking Ball is “on fire” – with flames around the mech while he’s in ball form, not the “on fire” that appears around the portrait of a successful player – he’s able to knock enemies back.

While the knockback is usually only good for a single hit, a useful technique allows players to continuously knock enemies back in quick succession, enabling them to push enemies much further than they otherwise would.


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Blizzard EntertainmentWrecking Ball relies heavily on his movement to be effective.

In demonstrating the technique, u/GotNoMicSry can be seen with his grapple attached to a box on Gibraltar, which they use to gain momentum as they move towards an enemy Zenyatta. After making first impact, the player very briefly counters their forward motion to remove the “on fire” effect, before moving forwards again to reinitiate it.

This quick stuttering of the forward motion allows the knockback to take effect again almost immediately. This can be done multiple times to allow for several consecutive knockbacks.

Done correctly, this technique allows you to seamlessly knock enemies further back with consecutive hits without losing much momentum.


Executed well, this technique could allow you to “juggle” enemy players in a similar way to Winston’s Primal Rage, albeit with much less control, in order to move a particular target significantly out of position.

As in the video, this could be used to knock a player off the map, but it could also be used simply to give your team a chance to assassinate an unprotected opponent, or to get a tank out of the way to make the rest of the enemy team more vulnerable.

Obviously it also requires particular circumstances in order to pull off correctly, but having this trick up your sleeve for when such an opportunity arises could be the difference between victory and defeat.