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Player pulls off craziest Overwatch basketball shot ever on accident

Published: 18/Nov/2019 22:45

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch player has a new contender for “best Overwatch basketball shot ever,” and it seemed to happen entirely by accident.

Basketballs and hoops have been in Overwatch’s shuttle spawn rooms since the game came out, and players have been trying to sink shots ever since.

The best strategy to make a basket is to line the ball up and melee while aiming directly at the basket, it might not work every time, but you’ll probably get it eventually.

A recent shot, though, makes you wonder why we even bother with the shots though when some people pull off amazing baskets without even trying.

How do shots like this even happen?

Reddit user TimelordTardiss posted a video of a Pharah using her Concussive Blast to propel out of spawn, a common enough maneuver.

What you don’t see every day, though, is Pharah’s Concussive Blast knocking a basketball into the hoop without the player even trying.

I heard you guys like basketball shots from Overwatch

The ball on the lounge table is knocked back by the ability before bouncing off of the wall in a beautiful high arc.

Against all the odds, the ball finds the hoop, and there’s a good chance no one was even aware of what happened until they went back and watched the replay.

TimelordTardiss’s shot is definitely in the running for craziest Overwatch basketball shot, mainly because the player wasn’t even trying to pull it off when it happened.

Pharah would be the one to make this crazy basketball shot.

Pharah even has her basketball-themed highlight intro and spray, so it’s perfect she would be the hero to execute this absurd shot.

In other Overwatch skin news, the Recall challenge is currently going on, giving players the chance to unlock a legendary new Dr. Ziegler Mercy skin by winning nine games.

Mercy’s Recall challenge runs until December 2, so players should be sure to win the rest of their games by then if they want the new Mercy skin.


New OWL season 4 start date may hint at Overwatch 2 release window

Published: 23/Nov/2020 20:48

by Michael Gwilliam


In a new video, Overwatch League Vice President Jon Spector revealed that the fourth season of OWL will be beginning a bit later than normal, possibly hinting at a release of the game’s sequel.

Overwatch 2 was first announced at BlizzCon 2019 and since then fans have really been in the dark with the devs refusing to release any new information.

With the Overwatch League gearing up for its fourth season, fans have grown accustomed to seasons beginning in January or February, but that all changes going forward.

According to Jon Spector, the fourth season will be kicking off in the spring. While he chalked this up to the global health crisis, it’s also possible that Overwatch 2 could be influencing the decision a little bit as well.

Lucio in Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2 will have a full campaign.

“Our 2021 season will start in the spring. That gives us a little more time to plan versus when we typically started in February,” he said. “It gives us and the teams a little bit more of an opportunity to deal with all the logistics and be ready to hit 2021 running when the season begins.”

With BlizzCon 2020 scrapped and moved to an online event in February, many fans believe that this will be where Blizzard shows off more from the long-awaited sequel including a release date.

Overwatch community figure Naeri tweeted, “The 2021 Overwatch League is officially set to be back in the spring. Therefore, it seems that you can check the exact release of Overwatch 2 on BlizzConline 2021.”

This isn’t the only evidence either. As Dexerto previously reported, streamer Metro, who leaked information about the sequel before it was made official claimed that the game will most likely be getting a beta if not a full release in 2021.

It would make sense that the league would want teams and players to be familiar with everything Overwatch 2 has to offer such as new heroes, maps and modes before the season begins.

Furthermore, there have been some rumors that season 4 will have a pre-season. This seems like another indicator that we’ll be looking at a completely new game.

Until then, we’ll have to keep our eyes open and see what the future holds once BlizzCon kicks off in February.