Play StarFox 64 in Overwatch with new Workshop mod

One creative Overwatch player has used the Workshop mode to create a mod that makes it feel like you’re playing StarFox 64 again.

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For those that might not know, StarFox 64 was one of the most popular games on the Nintendo 64, and some people couldn’t get enough of dogfighting against their friends.

Now, Reddit user ‘Ghibliomatic’ has made a mod that allows players to do barrel rolls and fight enemies, and it feels very similar to StarFox.

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“Do a barrel roll!”

Since Blizzard doesn’t allow outside assets to be brought in and used in the Workshop, Ghibliomatic was unable to add Peppy’s iconic “Do a Barrel Roll!” line, but they did manage to get a lot of the flight mechanics from the game down.

Players can indeed do a barrel roll, as well as fire homing missiles that are a little more accurate than D.Va’s Micro Missiles, which act as the Arwing’s primary fire.

To evade homing missiles, players can pull a somersault maneuver, which is also just like it is in StarFox. The mod also supports up to four players, so you can dogfight against your friends.

For players who want to go back to the glory days of fighting through the Lylat system, the code to Ghibliomatic’s Workshop mod is: Y7HAM.

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Workshop Mode – A whole new Overwatch?

Workshop mode was the talk of the Overwatch Community when it first hit the PTR, but it was also followed by another anticipated feature – Replay Mode.

Replay Mode, which is still on the PTR, allows players to go back and watch their matches from almost any angle or perspective.

Overwatch players have been asking for features like the Workshop and Replay systems for a while now, so it will be interesting to see what else 2019 has in store as well.