Philadelphia Fusion’s Carpe Makes Insane Widowmaker Play to Clutch Map Against Boston Uprising

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Philadelphia Fusion’s Lee ‘Carpe’ Jae-hyeok made an insane play with Widowmaker to help secure a win on Lijiang Tower against Boston Uprising.

Every match this stage will be crucial for the Philadelphia Fusion. At the end of Stage 4, the top-six teams in the overall standings will qualify for the $1.7million playoffs, and the Fusion entered the stage in sixth place.

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With only two match wins separating them from both the Houston Outlaws and Los Angeles Gladiators, who themselves will be desperately chasing a playoff spot, every single match could ultimately be the difference between qualifying and missing out.

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The Fusion’s first test would be a tough one as well, as they faced off against Boston Uprising to kick off their stage run. The Uprising went undefeated in the regular season of Stage 3, only losing in the finals of the stage playoffs to New York Excelsior.

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Boston drew first blood on King’s Row, but Philadelphia hit back with a win on Hanamura. Lijiang Tower was the control map, and the two teams traded points to go to a deciding third on the Night Market point.

The Fusion captured first and were able to hold to 99%, but a strong push from Boston looked to claim control in overtime. Carpe found a flank, however, and made a huge play to steal it back from the brink and secure the map.

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As it happened originally on broadcast:

Carpe’s point-of-view:

Philadelphia Fusion ultimately won the series 3-1, marking the first regular-season defeat for the Uprising since week three of Stage 2. The Fusion’s next match will be against Florida Mayhem on Saturday May 19th.