Paris player shows off his Genji skills during this impressive Overwatch killstreak

by Bill Cooney
Overwatch League/Blizzard Entertainment


During the Overwatch League's offseason, George 'ShaDowBurn' Gushcha has had plenty of time to show off why he's thought of as one of the best Genji players in the world by going on tears like in this clip.


ShaDowBurn was recently signed to the new Paris Overwatch League team, and while his squad was defending the final point on Route 66 during an Overwatch match on stream, he decided to pull out the Dragonblade and get to work.

After a short stun, he takes out the enemy Zarya and McCree with what looks like one fell swoop, but if you look at the killfeed it was actually a slash and a perfectly timed dash together.


The streamer leaps over to the enemy Ana and Hanzo, who actually both survive the strike of the Dragonblade, but are cut down by ShaDowBurn shortly after.

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The enemy Lucio sees all this go down and wisely decides to back off before he becomes victim number five.


ShaDowBurn was recently named as a member of the still-unnamed Paris Overwatch League team, one of the 6 new expansion teams coming to the League for Season 2.

Previously, the Genji pro played for the Philadelphia Fusion in Season 1 of the Overwatch League, and based on this Twitch clip, it doesn't look like he's slowing down anytime soon.