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Rank 1 Overwatch tank turns hilarious Winston fail into play of the game

Published: 11/Feb/2020 23:19

by Michael Gwilliam


Former Overwatch pro turned full-time streamer Phillip ‘Kragie’ Krag showed why he is the number one ranked tank in Europe, by turning what seemed to be an epic fail into a game-winning play.

During a February 11 stream, Kragie’s team was up 1-0 on Illios, with a chance to secure the round and match victory if they could hold onto the point.

With only 98 HP, the streamer chased an enemy Widowmaker behind the point and activated his Primal Rage ultimate to restore his health, before giving chase to his opponents trying to take control of the objective.

Hilariously, however, the top-ranked tank couldn’t find a way to fit through the window on Lighthouse. After missing his first two jumps in awkward fashion, the third time was the charm as he managed to land onto the point.

Then in the most casual way possible, all while joking about Overwatch League pro Benbest, the Danish star scored a whopping four environmental kills.

“Holy sh*t! I got four!” he yelled before his 1000 HP health pool drained to zero.

While his team did end up losing the point eventually, the Winston play was huge, and it ended up being the play of the game, which meant all of Kragie’s teammates could see his epic fail turned magic 4K.

“Watch this!” he cried. “Watch this! Oh my God, dude. This is crazy.”

The rest of the team, and Kragie, started laughing hysterically when they had the chance to relive the face-palm moment in the post-game lobby.

Among those who couldn’t believe the play was fellow streamer Redshell who covered his mouth to keep from making too much noise. Still, despite the muffled sound, he still shouted “no way!”

Overall the play just goes to show why you shouldn’t give up. Had Kragie tried to enter the point through another opening he may not have picked up those four kills which helped his team win the game.

It’s also a good reminder that even the best players, such as the number one tank, can mess up. Still, it was a fantastic turnaround given the circumstances.


Cheeky Overwatch trick lets Baby D.Va score environmental kills

Published: 26/Nov/2020 19:30

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players looking to find a new lethal tactic with D.Va should look no further than this trick to surprise and tilt enemy teams.

Since 2016, Overwatch fans have taken highly to the hero D.Va, sporting countless cosplays, creating art, buying merchandise, you name it. Part of the reason for this is just how stylish the gamer-turned-mech pilot is.

As it turns out, however, even outside of her pink mech, D.Va can pack a punch and even eliminate any enemy hero in the game if the opportunity presents itself.

Most people know that D.Va’s Call Mech ability does a bit of damage if you use it directly on top of an enemy player, but not everyone realizes it also has knockback capabilities.

D.va from Overwatch looking cool
Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va is one of the most popular heroes, in and out of mech.

Boops can be one of the best ways in Overwatch to quickly deal with enemies regardless of their HP. Anyone from Roadhog to even Tracer (especially if limited by cooldowns) can fall victim to a well-timed push off the edge of a map.

As Reddit user ‘eregis’ showed, despite being at a disadvantage against a Soldier 76 who put down his Biotic Field for health restoration, the confrontation ended in their favor thanks to the knockback of Call Mech.

While on Rialto, the D.Va player had the Call Mech ability ready, but waited a bit to activate it. First, the player lured the enemy Soldier 76 to a bit of an unfavorable position on Rialto with his back to the water.

After getting the victim close enough to the ledge, the D.Va used Call Mech and sent 76 off the map and to his demise.

Of course, this trick is a bit of a high-risk play. Baby D.Va is tied with Tracer for the lowest-health hero in the game at only 150. However, unlike Tracer, D.Va does haven’t Blink or Recall to get out of tricky situations, so being able to time the Call Mech perfectly can be tough.

Next time you find yourself as Baby D.Va and an opportunity presents itself, try to see if you can secure frags with this ability. Your opponents will never see it coming.