Overwatch Workshop mode’s hero select looks way better than current version

Blizzard Entertainment

A newly-discovered Overwatch Workshop mode completely overhauls the hero select screen, turning it into something much more fitting for the game’s futuristic setting.

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The Workshop Mode has created a mountain of new content in Overwatch since it was released in April and some of the modes have even found their way into the Arcade.

But players aren’t just making new game modes, they’re also using the Workshop to change how Overwatch works in general.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe Workshop allows players to make their own Overwatch game modes and much more.
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Choose your hero easier than ever

The new and improved hero select was shared by Reddit user Blizzlee, who said they found it in the Custom Games menu.

We don’t know exactly who made the mode in the first place, but instead of taking you to the hero select screen, it brings up a wheel with all the hero icons and allows players to switch right away.

Blizzard EntertainmentChanging heroes has never been easier.
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The feature could remove the need for a hero select screen entirely, if they figure out a way to change skins on the wheel as well.

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Of course, not everyone would want to use the new option, as the split comments on Reddit show, so adding it as an option might be the best thing to do if Blizzard ever decides to change Hero Select.

We may not know who made the new-and-improved hero select, but we do have a code for those who want to try it out: K75YP.

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What else is new to the Workshop?

With the arrival of Overwatch’s newest hero, Sigma, players have wasted no time in seeing what the new tank can do in the Workshop.

Workshop guru DarwinStreams even created a mode that turns all of Sigma’s abilities up to 11 and makes the already-powerful hero absolutely insane.

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Even though its been out for a few months already, Overwatch players are still using the Workshop to tweak and experiment with their favorite game.