Overwatch Sniper’s Nest Workshop mode is the perfect Widowmaker warm-up

Joe O'Brien
Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player has developed a Workshop mode that helps you warm up and practice your Widowmaker aim.

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The Workshop is a scripting system that has given Overwatch players the power to create a huge variety of unique game modes, from practice tools to recreations of other titles and unique new modes of their own.

The feature has proven incredibly popular ever since its release to the Public Test Realm on April 24, and now that it’s available on the live servers all players have access to the Workshop and the game modes being produced and shared in it.

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One of the Workshop’s best-known creators, DarwinStreams, has recently produced a Widowmaker “Sniper’s Nest” game mode to help players warm up and practice with the hero.

Blizzard Entertainment
The Overwatch Workshop has quickly become one of the game’s most popular features.

In the Sniper’s Nest game mode, the player sits high above Ilios Well as Widowmaker, while bots spawn in random locations around the map below. The player’s goal is simply to rack up as many kills as they can within the 60 second time limit.

The mode makes for an engaging means of warming up your Widowmaker shot, with the time limit and search for targets helping produce a bit of urgency to encourage proper concentration rather than simply going through the motions, and the kill counter allowing players to track and compare rounds and set goals to aim for.

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Those that wish to try out this mode for themselves can do so with the share code JKW38.

Naturally, there are many aspects to successful Widowmaker play that aren’t covered by this mode, such as positioning, and the fact that both you and your targets are likely to be moving when you take your shots.

The mode does function well as a warm-up mode, however, allowing you to get your eye in and make sure your shots are going where you want them to, either as a precursor to more complex practice or simply to make sure you’re not going into games entirely cold.

Darwin is one of the Workshop’s most prolific creators, also being responsible for training modes for Ana and Reinhardt, as well as unique fun modes like Torbjörnball 2k19 and D.Va Racing, which is one of the top 10 most popular Workshop modes according to Blizzard.

It’s an exciting time for Overwatch content, with a new Replays feature also currently in testing on the PTR and hints of changes to the standard summer content schedule.