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Overwatch: What happens when 12 Roadhogs meet near one pit?

Published: 30/Dec/2018 5:46

by Vincent Genova


Roadhog and Ilios, name a better duo.

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The Ilios pit is a favorite of Roadhog mains everywhere due to his hook ability, which is perfect for pulling enemies into the abyss for a quick elimination.

One user took the concept to a new extreme with a custom game that is entirely made up of Roadhogs.

So, what happens when you put 12 Roadhogs around the Ilios pit? Chaos.

12 Hogs 1 Hole from r/Overwatch

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Reddit user Zveno captured the action from directly above the pit, showing off all the hook flinging madness from a rarely seen overhead view.

The hogs have reduced cooldowns on their hook ability to make custom game a faster pace.


One Roadhog at the top right of the screen even decided to do the hog equivalent of healing, saving players from elims by pulling them away from pit.

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You can make your own version of the Roadhog mode, or find one that is already made, in the Custom Games section of Overwatch.

If Roadhog isn’t your thing, maybe you’ll prefer playing Widowmaker from this newly discovered perch on Blizzard World.

Of course, no matter who your preferred character is, we can all agree Overwatch needs more B.O.B.