Overwatch trick with D.VA and Symmetra creates insane “teleporting bomb”


A powerful combination in Overwatch combines D.Va’s Self-Destruct ultimate ability with Symmetra’s Teleporter for a devastating surprise attack.

The biggest issue of landing a clean D.Va ult to the enemy team is that it turns the giant mech into a telegraphed bomb that is easy to spot out in the open. The trick completely eliminates that by sending the MEKA through a Teleporter and in front of a team – leaving them with almost no time to react.

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There are a couple of kinks to iron out when using the tactic, such as timing the D.Va ultimate while getting the other side of the teleporter in perfect position to deliver the package.

While D.Va picked up all the kills, Symmetra had a lot to contribute in the play.

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Reddit user ‘blackjacc’ showed just how quickly the combo can wipe out an entire team when it was used against them during a game.

While defending on Paris at Objective B, blackjacc’s team was doing a pretty good job at keeping the attackers funneled inside of the archway leading into the site.

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That’s when the Symmetra had a funny idea to hand-deliver the explosive ultimate right into the enemy’s backline.

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D.Va activated her ult and the countdown to the giant explosion started while the MEKA was stationary. Sym proceeded to lay down one end of the Teleporter right underneath the bomb while sending the other end deep into enemy territory.

After that, all they had to do was sit back and watch the kill feed light up with a quick 6k, letting them just walk up to the objective.

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For those still confused with how the sequence laid out, other players chimed in to explain what was happening: “Ya, D.Va drops her mech standing still and Symmetra stands directly behind it and places the teleporter and it teleports like a turret.”

blackjacc via Reddit
The trick play took the Overwatch team completely by surprise.

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Since the defending team’s defense was positioned to take care of threats coming from the archway, the sly coordination between teammates gave them a huge opening to break open the other squad.

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Making this play happen in an Overwatch match will take some coordination to pull off. But if it’s successful, then it’ll spell doom for any backline in a matter of seconds.

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