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Overwatch: Symmetra earns ‘worst’ Play of the Game ever

Published: 15/Sep/2019 14:24 Updated: 15/Sep/2019 14:40

by Connor Bennett


Overwatch fans were left wondering if they’d seen the worst play of the game ever as the replay function messed up to give them a hilarious highlight.

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Overwatch’s play of the game replay is usually reserved for a moment in the match where someone has pulled off a jaw-dropping display of kills and probably won the game for their team with a few flicks of their mouse. 

We’ve seen Bastion gun players down with aim-bot like accuracy and Doomfist line-up the Rocket Punch to rack up a whole host of kills, but sometimes it doesn’t quite work as intended. Sometimes, the play of the game function picks out a moment that is more lowlight than highlight – leaving players scratching their head.


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Reddit user Tipex believes they have perhaps shown off the absolute ‘worst play of the game’ ever to the Overwatch subreddit.

In the player’s short video, they were granted POTG bragging rights as Symmetra and while some fans may have expected an amazing Photon Projector play, it wasn’t quite that. Instead, Tipex’s point of view showed grenades being fired into a cave while they were waiting to respawn.

As they respawned, the player ran outside of a building and looked to rejoin the fight before the highlight abruptly came to a close.

On this weeks episode of “Worst POTG’s”…. from r/Overwatch

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Of course, players were left both bemused and amused at how the highlight had come about – with some even pointing out that it’s not actually the worst they’ve ever seen.

“Peculiar but still bad,” noted user grwisbad. Another, Servador, added that players should compile the lowlights of the week for a hilarious compilation. “This should be a weekly competition on the sub and the winner gets a special user flair,” they said.

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While the game should probably highlight someone going crazy with their skills, if it was completely perfect, we’d never get to laugh any errors.


One does have to pity the player who actually pulled off a highlight play in this game, only to have it stolen by this abysmal clip.