Overwatch streamer shows the correct way to fall off the map - Dexerto

Overwatch streamer shows the correct way to fall off the map

Published: 20/Nov/2018 1:01 Updated: 20/Nov/2018 1:12

by Bill Cooney


Players attempting to reset after a lost fight should make sure they jump off of the map, to avoid giving the enemy team ultimate charge, according to Nathan ‘KarQ’ Chan during a recent stream.

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While streaming with Connor Fitzyhere Fitzpatric KarQ demonstrated that if he was touched before he fell off, it would count as an elimination.

But, if the streamer jumps before going off the map, it resets to make it a self-elimination, thereby keeping the enemy team from gaining any ultimate charge from it.

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This is especially useful in teamfights, when the fight is clearly lost and a full reset is the team’s best option.


“If you’re a Roadhog and you need to reset, and you just walk off, you might give them a shit-ton of ult charge,” KarQ explained. “You need to jump to reset that last movement ability.”

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If players get touched after they jump on the way down, the enemy still gets ultimate charge, but that only applies to melee, so if a character is hit with a ranged weapon on the way down, it doesn’t count. 

Ultimates are the most powerful, game-changing abilities in Overwatch, so anything players can do to prevent the enemy team from charging theirs up will probably help in the long run during a match.