Overwatch streamer ruins setup after raging at "trashcan" teammate - Dexerto

Overwatch streamer ruins setup after raging at “trashcan” teammate

Published: 9/Mar/2020 14:09 Updated: 9/Mar/2020 15:27

by Jacob Hale


An Overwatch streamer finally lost it at his teammates while playing ranked matches and went ballistic, punching and kicking his desk and potentially breaking his mic stand and other peripherals.

We all know the pain of being lumbered with teammates that perhaps aren’t as good as us or annoy us in various ways, especially if you don’t typically run as a teammate with your friends or teammates.

Solo queueing is up there as one of the most frustrating parts of competitive gaming, but it’s not often you get this angry at a teammate that you risk thousands of dollars worth of equipment just to get your anger out.


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Kuhi is a Twitch partner that streams Overwatch almost exclusively, a high-ranked player that is clearly well above the average standard. However, that doesn’t mean his teammates are always going to make decisions he agrees with, as became evident during his March 8 broadcast.

During a tense game that Kuhi and co. seemed to be on the back foot of throughout, tensions finally rose enough for he and one of his team to start shouting and throwing shots at each other, clearly more interested and getting one up over the other than winning the match.

Finally, after muting him, Kuhi slams the desk before leaving the match, clearly overcome with anger. Although he seems to calm down, the situation quickly escalates as he repeatedly punches and kicks his desk, breaking his mic stand in the process.


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After he calmed down, Kuhi reported the player and thanked ‘Violet’, who had raided his stream at the peak of his anger and given new viewers a lot more than they bargained for.

The stream continued for over nine hours more, so Kuhi clearly hadn’t damaged his equipment – or his hands – irreparably, which is probably quite likely considering the vigor with which he was hitting.

So, although we all understand the feeling of disagreeing with our random teammates, maybe we should endeavor not to let it get this far.