Overwatch streamer ML7 discovers Hanzo’s Dragon can kill under the map

Michael Gwilliam
Blizzard Entertainment

Twitch streamer and legendary Ana main Mihai ‘ML7’ Lupascu was shocked to discover Hanzo’s Dragon Strike Ultimate can kill even if it’s beneath the map and players can’t see it.

During a March 26 broadcast, the support specialist was attacking Hanamura B and had just slept an enemy Lucio on main.

As he pushed forward, an enemy Hanzo appeared to botch his Ultimate by firing it under the map.

Blizzard Entertainment
ML7 is well-known for his Ana play.

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Hanzo’s Dragon Strike deals a lot of damage to any enemy it touches, but it’s also very easy to avoid as it’s incredibly slow. It also has the distinct feature of being able to go through walls and other obstacles.

That said, the Romanian streamer was bewildered after he died to the archer’s Ultimate despite never even seeing it on his screen.

“What?!” he cried as his HP drained away. “Where was the dragon?!”

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The kill feed was very clear: the support player had died to a Dragon Strike even though it wasn’t on his screen.

After the match ended, the Team Envy streamer decided to use the replay viewer to see exactly what happened and how he’d died.

“I’ve never seen anyone die from a Dragon like this,” he said before pulling up the Shimada player’s POV. “Literally, I can’t even see what’s killing me.”

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As it turned out, the enemy player fired the Dragon Strike from his own spawn at a really weird angle, seemingly botching the attack.

“From my screen I’m dodging the Dragon, then suddenly I’m taking damage from where?” he asked.

It’s unclear if this is a new bug or a very rare issue that has always been in the game. In any case, it’s something that Overwatch players should be aware of, especially when there’s facing off against an enemy Hanzo who has their Ultimate ready to go.