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Overwatch streamer Jayne has hilarious reaction to stream sniper

Published: 4/Jan/2019 21:48 Updated: 4/Jan/2019 22:30

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch streamer Justin ‘Jayne’ Conroy had a hilarious response to a stream sniper during a ranked match.

Jayne’s teammate got a bit more than he bargained for when he tuned into Jayne’s Twitch stream.

“Stream sniping” is the term for players who tune in to a streamer’s broadcast while in a game with them. Usually, it’s used in the context of an enemy trying to gain an unfair advantage, or otherwise disrupt the streamer’s game using the extra information.

In this case, however, the intentions were much more benign. As the teams began to set up on Numbani, Jayne’s teammate ChilledWind commented on Jayne’s presence in the game, and wondered aloud whether or not he was streaming.


Hearing this, Jayne took a moment to prepare a special message for ChilledWind, who evidently went to check Twitch himself, as he reacted shortly after with an “okay I see you Jayne, you know what dude…alright.”

Jayne made his name as an Overwatch streamer with a focus on analytical content, explaining game theory and often reviewing gameplay from both the Overwatch League and random followers to teach people how to improve.

For Season Two of the Overwatch League, however, he will be an assistant coach for the Dallas Fuel. The Overwatch League is set to return on February 14.