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Overwatch streamer hilariously struggles with Sombra

Published: 22/Nov/2018 18:09 Updated: 22/Nov/2018 18:29

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch streamer LieutenantEddy had a tough time on stream hilariously attempting to place his translocator where it just did not want to go.

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Sombra’s translocator was recently buffed to no longer run out after a certain amount of time, meaning players can come back to it whenever they like, as long as it doesn’t get destroyed.

Despite being one of Sombra’s main abilities, the streamer had a bit of a tough time dealing with it during an Overwatch match on stream.

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While defending on Point B of Temple of Anubis, Lt. Eddy comes out of spawn and attempts to place his translocator in a good spot on the platform surrounding the pillar next to the point.


He threw almost directly at the platform the first time and missed. He tried again, this time aimed higher up on the pillar, and missed again.

After missing for the third time, Lt. Eddy just gave up and threw it on the ground while laughing at the ridiculous situation he had gotten himself into.

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Lt. Eddy got his start as a CS:GO content creator, but he’s stuck to streaming Overwatch since the game came out.

What makes this clips extra hilarious is the fact that Lt. Eddy consistently plays Sombra, so he probably expected to make that throw on the first try.