Overwatch streamer has interesting reaction to gaining top spot with minutes to go in the season

by Bill Cooney


Passion runs high towards the end of each competitive Overwatch season, and streamer Keldon 'Boostio' Pupello showed viewers just how much the top spot on the North American servers meant to him with minutes left in Season 12.

Before the clip begins, the streamer finds out his number one spot has been taken by another player with just four minutes left in Season 12 of Overwatch competitive play.

After winning the match, Boostio checks to see if he got his top spot back, and has a pretty enthusiastic reaction when he finds out he did.


"Suck my dick! Get the fuck out my face bitch!" he screams in the video that should come with a volume warning.

The streamer also had something to say about the second ranked player, "Oh my god, guys we will never, ever, let an Xbox One shitter take my rank one, fuck no."


Circci, as revealed in a recent interview, did indeed begin playing Overwatch on Xbox One and recently switched to PC.

Boostio is also a member of the GOATs Overwatch Contenders team and participated in the Season 3 North American Trials earlier in the month.