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Overwatch streamer Harbleu praises Roadhog’s PTR updates

Published: 30/Oct/2018 18:46 Updated: 30/Oct/2018 19:33

by Bill Cooney


The recent Roadhog updates to hit the PTR have many fans of the big guy excited, one of those fans is Overwatch streamer Anthony ‘harbleu’ Ballo who recently posted a video where he discusses the changes.

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Harbleu plays a ton of Roadhog, although he does switch to Zarya and D.Va occasionally. As he goes through the changes, the streamer seems to be in favor of all of them.

For the changes to the hook time, Harbleu told viewers “Right there is going to help with the bullshit times where you would land a hook on someone and they would keep moving out of your LOS and then the hook would break.” 


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The changes to enemies momentum when they’re hooked “also sound amazing, also sounds great,” and added he’s like to see how it affects enemies hooked while in the air, which used to break the chain.

“The gun, I’d imagine this is just going to make him do more damage, which is OK with me,” the streamer said about the Scrap Gun changes, before going into PTR to try them out for himself.

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“The biggest point is, he’ll be fun again,” harbleu told viewers while he messed around in the practice range. “Not having to worry about breaking hooks and all that, he won’t be the best off tank, but he’ll at least be fun and not frustrating to play against.


Harbleu previously played for NRG esports but moved to streaming after leaving the team in 2017.