Overwatch streamer emongg loses it after being accused of throwing - Dexerto

Overwatch streamer emongg loses it after being accused of throwing

Published: 14/Mar/2019 0:47 Updated: 14/Mar/2019 1:15

by Bill Cooney


Popular Overwatch streamer Jeff ‘emongg’ Anderson went off on a teammate who accused him and fellow streamer Francine ‘Fran’ Vo of throwing a game.

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“Throwing”, as most Overwatch players know, is when a player intentionally tries to lose a match, for a variety of different reasons.

After losing a match on March 12, Twitch streamer Dillon ‘AnchorTV’ Farley accused Fran and emongg of throwing.

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“You are the ones throwing, and you know what I said is the truth,” Anchor said to the pair after the match. “It doesn’t matter, I know what you guys are doing, you guys know what you’re doing.”


After being accused of “throwing for content” by Anchor, emongg lost his usually cool and friendly demeanor.

“What the hell man? We all worked hard to get to where we’re at right now,” emongg ranted after the match. “We didn’t fucking create enemies and sit there and try to be a piece of shit to everybody every fucking game we’re in.”

“Put me on OverwatchTMZ, put me on CompetitiveOverwatch dude,” the streamer said to viewers. “People like that who create toxicity and try to blame everybody else for their fucking problems, fuck that dude.”

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Fran, obviously feeling the tension on stream from emongg’s epic rant, diffused the situation with the only tools she had available in the moment, by asking him “Yo, is my burger here?”

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During a stream on March 13, Anchor explained why he accused emongg and Fran of throwing the game.

“Emongg and Fran right? They’re literally on the left, like where are they at with our team?” Anchor asked while looking at VOD of the game from march 12. “I called them out for that shit because they’re literally just over there on the left flanking and our team needs help.”


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Whether or not Anchor’s comments about emongg and Fran were true or not, they certainly caused a stir in the Overwatch community.