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Overwatch • Mar 13, 2019

Overwatch fan creates impressively detailed hero concept

Overwatch fan creates impressively detailed hero concept
Troy Rushing

Fan-made heroes are a hit in the Overwatch community, and now artist Troy Rushing has made one of the most detailed custom hero creations yet.

Overwatch revealed that the game’s newest hero, Baptiste, will officially come to the main game on Tuesday, March 19.

But even with a new hero on the way, Rushing decided to share his own impressive design for a hero called Kubra.

Troy Rushing

Kubra, like Baptiste, is a support hero that also seems like someone who would be able to deal a high amount of damage while supporting their team.

Visually, she looks similar to an early concept art of Moira, with Doctor Octopus like tendrils on her back that also play into her abilities.

The abilities are just as detailed as the character’s design. She has two modes: Genesis Mode, which heals teammates, and Malice Mode, which damages enemies.

Rushing even added illustrations for how Kubra’s damage and healing abilities would actually work and look in game.

Troy Rushing
The full breakdown of concept character Kubra's abilities.

But that’s not all, Rushing even gave Kubra a full backstory that would give any current Overwatch hero a run for their money.

Troy Rushing

The hero almost seems like Moira on steroids, and she would probably need a few tweaks to make it to Overwatch for real, but the idea is still an interesting one.

Kubra, for now, is only a design, but at least Overwatch players have a real new hero to look forward to when Baptiste comes out on March 19.

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