Overwatch 2 streamer emongg finally completes Mystery Heroes Challenge after trying for weeks

Blizzard Entertainment/emongg

Popular streamer emongg finally completed the Overwatch 2 Mystery Heroes challenge after trying for almost three weeks.

The self-imposed challenge forced emongg to try and use every hero’s ultimate in one stream, with one hero in particular, Tracer, being particularly evasive.

What made this challenge so difficult is the random hero generation that occurs on every death, meaning it’s impossible to predict which hero you’ll get next.

This means emongg had to build and use every ultimate in the game with one life per hero, which was easy enough on the safer supports, but trickier on some of the damage heroes who rely on playing aggressively.

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The run started well with early rolls into Pharah and Zarya, who both have ultimates that are hard to use properly.

The final ten-hour livestream succeeded in beating the challenge after emongg rolled into Tracer, who had evaded the stream for several hours.

Tracer and Reaper, both close-range damage heroes, had been the main reason why previous attempts at the challenge failed.

How do Overwatch 2 Mystery Heroes work?

Overwatch Mystery Heroes is an alternative game mode that randomizes the hero you’re playing at the beginning of the game and after every death.

It’s a mode that rewards players who have mastered a wide range of roles and heroes, as there’s no way of telling who you’ll be playing as. It also rewards players who are able to stay alive longer, as you only retain up to 25% of your ultimate between lives.

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Despite it being a more casual game mode, Blizzard has put in a lot of effort to make it more balanced, after players complained about the unfairness of multiple tanks on one team.

Tanks were recently changed to have less health in this mode, and it now less likely that you’ll spawn as a tank after death if your team already has multiple.

This mode is also a way for newer players to play heroes they might not have unlocked yet, as the entire roster is part of the pool that you can spawn as.