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Overwatch streamer discovers major D.Va bug on the PTR

Published: 9/Jan/2019 0:13 Updated: 9/Jan/2019 20:12

by Bill Cooney


The latest patch on Overwatch’s PTR nerfed D.Va’s Defense Matrix, but it also brings a bug that seriously affects the already-nerfed tank.

UPDATE: It’s been found that this bug only affects D.Va in certain custom game modes.


D.Va’s nerf on the latest patch increases the cooldown of her Defense Matrix from one second to two, which isn’t a huge nerf, but it is enough time for a character like Mei to get an ultimate off.

The newly discovered bug, however, could be considered a nerf, but it would be absolutely game changing if it were actually intended to be in the game.


The bug was discovered by Twitch streamer OverwatchScience and it happens after D.Va eliminates herself by jumping off of the edge of the map.

After she jumps off, she respawns as baby D.Va without a mech and, presumably, would have to build up ultimate to call one down.


“So that’s a bug you should probably let Blizzard know that this is happening,” OverwatchScience told viewers. “Because this isn’t right, she should come back in her mech.


The bug only happens on the PTR, so it’s something that hopefully Blizzard will fix by the time the updates make it into the main game.

The January 7 patch also included a nerf to Brigitte and a big buff to Reaper’s self-healing ability.


There’s been no word yet on when the update will go live, but it should be in the main game before the Overwatch League’s second season starts on February 14.