Overwatch Sept 24 full patch notes - Symmetra, Reaper and Mei ‘fixed’ - Dexerto

Overwatch Sept 24 full patch notes – Symmetra, Reaper and Mei ‘fixed’

Published: 24/Sep/2019 19:24 Updated: 24/Sep/2019 19:45

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Overwatch patch has officially gone live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with the big fix to problems multiple heroes were facing. 

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As Dexerto previously reported, the September 17 patch made Symmetra’s Teleporter and Reaper’s Shadow Step abilities incredibly inconsistent – both of which are major players in the double barrier meta.

Mei’s Ice Wall was also a casualty in the last update which made placing objects very difficult leading to wasted cooldowns. This new patch should fix the problems, but we will keep you updated in the event of any additional unintended consequences.


The full patch notes are below:

via Gfycat

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Overwatch Retail Patch Notes – September 24, 2019 



  • Reverted edge-placement change for ground targeted abilities (Reaper’s Shadowstep, Mei’s Icewall, Symmetra’s Teleporter, etc)

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  • Made changes to improve game stability


  • Paris – Fixed a bug that allowed players to shoot through one of the spawn doors



  • Brick Bastion Skin – Updated muzzle flash VFX

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The changes to game stability and the Bastion muzzle flash were unexpected, but nice additions to the patch. Some fans of the Lego Bastion skin had reported difficulties using it because of the animations.

Overwatch players are, however, still eagerly awaiting a new PTR patch to address the strength of double barrier. Hopefully something can be done before the next match Overwatch competition – the Contenders Gauntlet in Seoul, South Korea.  

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Some people have theorized that a new PTR patch will go live after the Overwatch League Grand Finals on September 29. There’s also the question of what patch the Nintendo Switch version of the game will drop with when it’s released on October 15.


Additionally, in the not-so-distant future, a hero is expected to be revealed at Blizzcon. How they will fit into this new meta remains anyone’s guess.