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Overwatch pros shocked after playing console team 3v6

Published: 2/Mar/2022 23:44

by Theo Salaun


A trio of PC Overwatch players, composed of two pros and one streamer, decided to test themselves out against a full team of console gamers. Although they were incredibly confident going in, things didn’t quite go as planned.

There’s a reason console players aren’t allowed to play against PC players on Overwatch’s competitive ladder. While cross-play is allowed for casual modes, the performance superiority on PC makes serious competition unviable (especially since console doesn’t get aim assist in PC cross-play).

So, when the San Francisco Shock’s ‘flats,’ Samuel ‘s9mm’ Santos, and Jeff ’emongg’ Anderson wanted to test out their new keyboards against console players, they knew they had to balance it out.


Flats is a T500 tank, s9mm is on the Shock’s OWL roster, and emongg is a former Contenders pro. Considering those accolades, the group thought they might as well try facing the console gamers 3v6 (after a brief attempt at 2v6).

Overwatch pros try to beat console players 3v6

The video starts with emongg and s9mm trying to play the console players 2v6, attacking on Route 66. They kick it off as Roadhog and D.Va, with emongg confidently proclaiming “we got this.”

A couple minutes, and several team compositions, later, the duo had to accept they couldn’t get the Payload past the first corner. So they added flats to the mix, who seemed surprised at the duo’s inability to get things going.


Running Ana, Baptiste, and Reinhardt, they tried attacking on Route 66 again. With the added numbers and a new composition, they were able to get the Payload nearly the entire distance, which they thought “should be good enough.”

Blizzard overwatch route 66
Blizzard Entertainment
Route 66: the home of console’s great victory in the 6v2 war against PC pros.

It turned out not to be enough, though, as the six-stack of console players won the game with a solid two-plus minutes left to spare.

To finish the experiment off, things moved to Lijiang Tower. There, the trio was able to even things out at 1-1 after dropping the first map – leading into a tie-breaker on Control Center.

Despite confidence, an early lead, and the absence of their opponents’ aim assist, the PC trio eventually succumbed to the console players by 1% of control time. 


Even though they were vastly outnumbered, the pros were still surprised by the level of cohesion they faced: “More teamwork than in our ranked games!”