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Overwatch players want a new feature to deal with cheaters

Published: 15/Feb/2020 0:17

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players are fed up with cheaters ruining their games with aimbots or wallhacks, and want Blizzard to add a new feature to deal with the problem.

In a post on Reddit, user “Zapppppppp” explained how players on 2CP and Hybrid maps will agree to play their game to a draw in order to keep the cheater from benefiting – and so no one on either team gains or loses SR.

However, drawing on payload maps is incredibly difficult. As the user points out, it “can be easily sabotaged by just 1-2 people” who decide to push the payload.

Blizzard Entertainment
Aimbots can be a problem in Overwatch.

While technically it is possible to draw on payload maps such as Junkertown and Rialto, it’s very rare. That said, it’s impossible for a round of king of the hill to tie.


Zapppppppp’s idea to fix the problem would be to implement a “vote to cancel” feature. The user notes that ,while it’s not a “perfect solution,” it would be better than the current options.

“The cheater him/herself will obviously vote no, so maybe 9-10 yes votes out of 12 would end up canceling the match?” the player pondered on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit. “There’s bound to be one or two snakes who would rather take the SR than cancel even if the option is there.”

Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch players sometimes draw a game when they’re a cheater in the lobby.

While Blizzard has stepped up their anti-cheat game recently, many users have continued to spot cheaters playing undetected.


“If you’ve played competitive for even 20 games in the last 6 months, you’ve probably come across an obvious cheater at some point,” the user wrote.

Some players in the comments also noted that a vote to cancel feature could be used whenever the game puts players in a map they don’t want to play, such as the highly controversial 2CP/Assault game mode.

Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch players could use the “vote to cancel” feature when they load into 2CP.

“We did it guys, we have successfully ended 2CP,” GobblesGibbles joked.

The idea of a vote to cancel could be a breath of fresh air, if it does eventually get added. Overwatch developers have been known to frequent Reddit, so chances are one of them might see the suggestion.


Whether or not it gets implemented, however, remains to be seen.