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Overwatch players think Baptiste’s gun needs an improvement

Published: 5/Mar/2019 1:19 Updated: 5/Mar/2019 1:24

by Bill Cooney


Players have discovered an issue with how Baptiste, Overwatch’s newest hero, reloads his weapon.

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Baptiste, Overwatch’s newest hero, is currently on the PTR and players are busy going through testing his abilities and the rest of his kit.

The new hero’s primary weapon features burst fire and a healing grenade, which each have different ammunition pools, but players have noticed an inconsistency in how he reloads.

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Other Overwatch heroes enter into an auto-reload animation as soon as they reach 0 ammunition and Baptiste is no different, when either of his ammo pools reaches 0 he automatically reloads his weapon.


Reddit user u/OnlyVariation noted that the auto-reload triggers whenever Baptiste runs out of ammo for his burst or healing grenades, even when he’s still has ammunition to fire with.

All it would take is a simple fix, OnlyVariation said, such as making the auto-reload only trigger when both types of ammunition completely run out.

[PTR] Baptiste’s auto-reload feel really wrong and should be changed from r/Competitiveoverwatch

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With no set date yet for when Baptiste will make it into the main game, Blizzard still has plenty of time to make more changes to their newest hero.

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There are also changes and updates for the majority of Overwatch’s heroes being tested on the PTR and discussed by fans as well.


Just how the new hero and the updates will affect Overwatch remain to be seen, and we probably won’t know completely until players get to know him on the live servers.