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Overwatch players go viral for winning match after four teammates quit

Published: 21/Feb/2020 17:38

by Michael Gwilliam


Winning teamfights in Overwatch can be incredibly difficult when you’re down a player, so it was monumentally impressive when two players pulled off an upset to win a match after four of their teammates left.

With under a minute remaining in a match on Hanamura and the team needing 61% of Point B to win, Zacarooney15 found himself in a tough situation.

Three of his teammates had left the game and another was in the process of quitting, leaving him with less than half a squad to work with.

Blizzard Entertainment
Never give up, trust your instincts.

Despite having a Zarya Ultimate available, the player decided it would be in his best interest to try for a sneaky back cap as Winston, which would require his lone remaining ally to draw the enemy’s fire.


“I have Rally. Go sideways, I’ll go in from the front,” the Brigitte suggested over team chat.

The play was simple: let the Brigitte use Rally for additional armor health and survivability while Zacarooney15 took the Hanamura flank to get on point from the far left side.

Never surrender! from Overwatch

“They’re here!” the support proclaimed, indicating that the overconfident enemy team had begun to push into their spawn. “Go, they’re all the way up here. There’s four of them here! Go!”

Crazily, with Rally active and despite fighting four foes at once, the melee-based shield maiden managed to score a couple of frags and keep the defenders busy.


While the Brigitte player was dueling the enemy, Winston was on point, making progress and managed to complete the back cap just seconds before an opposing Pharah could make it back there to stop the capture.

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Brigitte died an honorable death to let Winston back cap.

“Get f**ked, b*tches!” he screamed after completing the miracle upset by the skin of their teeth.

The play itself was posted to Reddit with the caption “never surrender!” and was upvoted over 7,000 times. It just goes to show that no matter the odds, there’s always a way to win. Never give up.