Overwatch Players Find Clever Flanks with New Hero Wrecking Ball

Blizzard Entertainment

New Overwatch hero Wrecking Ball has barely been playable for a day, but players are already finding cool ways of using his kit.

Wrecking Ball is a spherical battle-mech piloted by Hammond, the genetically enhance hamster formerly of Horizon Lunar Colony. Wrecking Ball is currently playable on the Overwatch PTR.

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Despite how briefly Wrecking Ball has been available, it’s already becoming clear that his grappling hook is perhaps the most defining element of his kit. The ability is unlike any other in the game before – Widowmaker technically also has a grapple, but hers is entirely linear, pulling her in one direction, while Wrecking Ball becomes a pendulum, able to swing around once connected.

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Players have wasted no time in exploring the various ways in which this ability can be used. While its applications appear to be many and varied, one clear advantage of the skill is that it enables wrecking ball to traverse the map quickly, opening up some great flanking options.

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For players looking to get the most out of Wrecking Ball, here’s a collection of some useful tricks with the grappling hook.

Redditor u/zachzwp showed that Wrecking Ball can in fact follow the Volskaya flank:

Player TheJDude demonstrated a flank around the first point of Eichenwalde:

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ToiletKiller found a way of launching Wrecking Ball to the high ground on King’s Row, going further than you might expect:

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Another King’s Row tactic, u/ow_jaybee proved that Wrecking Ball can travel under the map in the third stage:

Finally, u/PixelPodium found a potentially powerful flank on Temple of Anubis point A.

As players get more experience with Wrecking Ball, further tactics such as these will undoubtedly be discovered. It seems immediately clear, however, that the potential for creative plays with the new hero will be high.