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Overwatch players discover horrifying face on Route 66 and you can’t unsee it

Published: 1/Jul/2021 16:48

by Lauren Bergin


Despite Overwatch being out for over five years, players are always finding new little features that blow our minds, and this terrifying discovery on Route 66 is truly the stuff of nightmares. 

When it comes to terrifying their fans, Blizzard have a long history with horror. Considering the studio is the brainchild behind the Diablo series, which features demons from every corner of the darkest parts of hell, it’s safe to say they know how to terrify their community.

While Overwatch is much tamer than the bloodstained streets of Diablo II’s Old Tristram, the annual Halloween Terror event sees a collection of spooky skins drop every year.


You won’t have to wait until October 31 to get your annual dose of Overwatch horror, though, as one fan has uncovered a disturbing feature on Route 66 that, once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.

Overwatch Route 66 panorama diner
Blizzard Entertainment
Deep in the bowels of Route 66 is the Panorama Diner, where our terrifying tale unfolds.

Route 66 has a terrifying feature

Nestled amid the tumbleweed of Overwatch’s Route 66 is the Panorama Diner – or the Paranomal Diner as the case may be.

One player has noticed a bizarre similarity between the diner’s red and white tile border, and a certain body part. “Route 66’s walls look like gums and teeth, and now you have to live with it. You’re welcome,” they tell the world, and their revelation has changed the once cozy diner forever.


Route 66 walls look like teeth and gums and now you have to live with it. You’re welcome from Overwatch

Another fan has quickly memed this discovery, drawing a particularly creepy-looking face that uses the tiled wall as a replacement for a mouth. It asks “who wants to kiss;” rather a terrifying prospect that we will not be taking it up on.

who wants to kiss from Overwatch

Many horrified players have responded to each of these images, with one jokingly writing that “I’m reporting this post as it’s psychological cheating,” while another asks “why must you hurt us?”

Another fan notes that the post has “ruined that map” for them, while a follow-up comment pleads “Overwatch 2 please come quickly, the Overwatch players are going crazy…”


So if we’ve ruined Route 66 for you, apologies. After all, though, a trouble shared is a trouble halved, and this is certainly a disturbing discovery…