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Overwatch players discover hidden Wrecking Ball animation

Published: 6/Mar/2020 20:57

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch players have uncovered an adorable crouching animation for Hammond that exists in the game’s files, but doesn’t show up during matches because Wrecking Ball isn’t able to change his stance like most other heroes.

D.Va’s mech form and Wrecking Ball are the only heroes in Overwatch that can’t crouch at all. The KPOP star was originally able to crouch in her mech, but that stance was removed, since it could be used to hide her critical hitbox when she looks down at the same time.

We don’t know exactly why developers don’t allow Hammond to crouch during regular matches, but it appears that he is able to get down, after all – it just takes a little tweaking in the Workshop mode to make it happen, as Overwatch tinkerer ‘Owlero’ demonstrated.


Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Hammonds ability to swing around might be one of the reasons why he can’t crouch.

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Owlero said they found out Hammond could crouch while playing around with computer-controlled clones in the Workshop mode.

“There’s a workshop mode that clones your character,” they explained. “When you hit crouch, you still don’t as Hammond but the other Hammonds do,. D.Va’s clones don’t have a crouch animation, but it does have a sound effect that doesn’t normally play.”

The result is an adorable Hammond animation that sees his mech crouch down, and even has the hamster himself doing a little T-pose.

TIL Wrecking Ball has an unreleased crouch animation from Overwatch

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When you look at how Hammond crouches, it does make his hitbox slightly smaller, but it’s still a larger target than his ball form.


What’s interesting as well is that D.Va still has sound effects for crouching, but no animation to go along with it. Perhaps crouching makes her too powerful for developers to be comfortable with.

Overwatch's D.Va in her Black Cat skin.
Blizzard Entertainment
Would the ability to crouch make D.va too powerful?

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We might never get an answer for why Wrecking Ball can’t crouch in regular games, but at least now we know it is possible – and he looks cute as heck on top of everything else.