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Overwatch Players Come Across Bizarre Glitch on Oasis

Published: 10/Sep/2018 23:51 Updated: 10/Sep/2018 23:59

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch players encountered a surprising glitch during a ranked match on Oasis.

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Oasis is a Control map, like every other of its type featuring three distinct sub-maps, each of which is home to a single capture point. The first team to win two of the three points wins.

During a ranked game on Oasis, however, one particular team suddenly found themselves a player short, after one member was spawned in the previous sub-map, entirely separated from the rest of the squad.

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With the Oasis spawn areas entirely covered by the “safe zone”, in which the healing outweighs a player’s ability to inflict self-damage with the likes of Pharah’s rockets – thus preventing a suicide in order to respawn in the correct location – the player apparently had to resort to leaving and re-joining to return to the correct map zone.


Though many players may not realize it, each Control map is actually one large map with three sections that are entirely separated, rather than being three separately-rendered sub-maps. Players have occasionally found ways to move between sections – although in most cases they can only be done in custom games with particular settings.

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Some examples, like this one on Nepal, have been patched out. More recently, players have even discovered ways of moving between the locations on the newest Control map, Busan, while still on the Public Test Realm.