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Overwatch player uses Roadhog as a meatshield to score juicy McCree 5K

Published: 20/Feb/2020 23:55

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch’s Roadhog is often considered a “meatshield” due to his high health pool, but he has no actual barrier ability. As it turns out, however, sometimes a big body is all a McCree needs to go Clint Eastwood on the enemy team.

Reddit user ‘ChenKM’ uploaded a photo of a game on Nepal Sanctum. After coming back from spawn, the McCree player narrowly managed to get out of the way of an enemy Mei’s Blizzard ultimate.

Luckily for the cowboy, his Roadhog teammate was frozen solid right in front of him, and with his big body, seemed to block ChenKM from the enemy’s line of sight.


Blizzard Entertainment
McCree can be a massive threat if you can land your shots.

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With the 600 HP off-tank effectively body-blocking the oncoming damage from the opposing side, the McCree activated Deadeye and managed to get four separate skulls above each of the other squad’s heads.

Despite some damage, probably of the splash variety, his Deadeye was spot on and managed to kill four members of the opposing team.

Thanks to the Roadhog meatshield, the hero scored frags on Mei, Brigitte, Zarya and Ana before moving forward as the Blizzard subsided.

Meatshield from Overwatch

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To end the brilliant play, he used his Flashbang on the Sigma to pick up his fifth kill of the play, earning him Play of the Game honors in the process and a highlight worthy of sharing on social media for the world to see.


Unfortunately, the cowboy couldn’t score a sixth elimination on the enemy Reaper to make it a 6K and a Team Kill, but it was certainly an impressive, intelligent play regardless.

Next time you’re in a ranked game and have a Roadhog on your team, try to get creative and use him as a form of cover to shoot behind, effectively increasing your health pool to a whopping 800 HP depending on the hero you play as.

Blizzard Entertainment
With a 600 HP health pool, Roadhog can take a punch and pack one himself.

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He may not have an actual shield, but with a health pool that large, does he even need one?

Just don’t try to hide behind him if there’s a D.va bomb – there’s a limit to what he can absorb!