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Overwatch player shows off powerful Zarya ultimate spot

Published: 15/Jan/2019 18:40 Updated: 15/Jan/2019 18:47

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player demonstrated a powerful spot on Temple of Anubis to catch enemies unaware with Zarya’s ultimate ability, Graviton Surge.

Zarya’s Graviton Surge can be one of the most powerful ultimate abilities in Overwatch, but every Zarya player lives in fear of having the black hole vanished by the enemy D.Va before it can take effect.


Overwatch Open Division player MyCrazyCat showed off a useful spot on the second point of Anubis that can offer a more reliable means of landing the ultimate successfully.

Playing on the defensive side, MyCrazyCat demonstrates a location on the left hand side of the ruins in which Point B is located that offers a tiny line-of-sight through some pillars into the central choke point.


By firing the Graviton Surge through this gap, MyCrazyCat is able to catch almost the entire enemy team, who are grouped up for an attempted push and unable to react to the hidden black hole.


With a relatively long travel time on the black hole before it lands from this position, it remains possible for a skilled D.Va to react to the sound cue and potentially catch it with a blind Defence Matrix. For players at most ranks, however, this spot seems likely to be fairly reliable if set up correctly.

Fortunately, it seems landing a Graviton Surge without it being stolen away by D.Va should be getting a little easier soon anyway. Currently on the PTR is a change that increases the cooldown of D.Va’s Defence Matrix to 2 seconds, meaning it should be easier to time abilities like Graviton Surge for when it’s unavailable to the enemy team.