Overwatch player shows off hilarious death with game-show style highlight

Joe O'Brien

An Overwatch player created a game show-style highlight to show off an amusing series of events.

Anyone who’s played Overwatch for long enough will likely have experienced a ridiculous death or two.

The variety of unique abilities available to different heroes, along with the sheer pace of Overwatch, can often make for some amusing interactions, even before accounting for the decision-making of players at different skill levels.

After suffering a particularly hilarious demise as Tracer, u/Meldorn decided to turn the highlight into a miniature game show titled “How will Tracer die?”

At the start of the clip, Tracer is hit by a sleep dart from the enemy Ana, leaving her lying vulnerable in the short tunnel that cuts off the corner of the first stage of Route 66. Ahead, an Ashe stands poised to deliver the fatal blow.

Here, the video pauses, before giving viewers four choices to pick from regarding how they expect the unfortunate Tracer is about to die, each seemingly more unlikely than the last.

The options are:

  1. Reinhardt charge
  2. Ashe headshot
  3. Hammond minefield
  4. Genji blade

The final result is something best left unspoiled, so be sure to check out the video below. Sound is necessary to appreciate the full effect.

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