Overwatch player manages to get play of the game during D.Va glitch - Dexerto

Overwatch player manages to get play of the game during D.Va glitch

Published: 23/Oct/2018 20:24 Updated: 23/Oct/2018 20:46

by Bill Cooney


Random glitches seem to be part of the game in Overwatch, as one player discovered after they sent their mech to self destruct and ended up being thrown a few thousand feet into the air.

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The clip was posted to Reddit by user Professor_Wayne, and in it they’re defending the first point on Volskaya right at the choke point.

Professor_Wayne sends their mech for a self destruct and ends up taking out three members of the attacking team, the only problem is that due to a glitch, they’re way too far away to see any of this happen.


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Instead of coming out of the mech where they released it, Professor_Wayne is glitched high into the sky above the map and began to slowly fall down, like he was dropping into some kind of Overwatch battle royale.

This is a glitch that has been in the game for awhile, and one user in the comments compared D.Va’s coding to a “dumpster fire”.

via Gfycat

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This glitch has sometimes happened before to D.Va players, but Blizzard has shown no signs they intend to try and fix it going forward. 

Whether or not we’ll ever see this glitch fixed remains to be seen, but at least when it does happen it’s pretty entertaining.