Overwatch player makes teammates fly with game-breaking Symmetra exploit

Symmetra uses teleporterBlizzard Entertainment

With Overwatch players bored out of their minds amid a major content drought, one has actually figured out a way to make teammates fly and it’s completely ridiculous.

Exploits in Overwatch have existed for a long time and many involve using Sombra’s Translocator or spawnable objects to break through the game’s geometry.

By going outside of maps, players can do all sorts of crazy things like access new locations, contest points forever, and even fly.

In a post on Reddit, user ‘ScottishBarbie11’ showed how a Symmetra player on their team used the Indian hero’s Teleporter in a genius way that seemed to catch the enemy squad completely off guard.

symmetra sitsBlizzard Entertainment
Symmetra players have mastered the hero’s Teleporter.

Overwatch player’s exploit makes teammates fly

To begin their Hollywood attack, the player began as Sombra while in spawn and Translocated to the top of a door where it was possible to stand on top. From there, they once again threw it past the spawn and found themselves outside the map’s playable area.

Amazingly, this position could be accessed with a Teleporter and by switching to Symmetra, the player let their allies join them on the roof of a building.

Following this, the Symmetra kept creating more Teleporters and let the team reach outrageous new heights in the map’s skybox.

Being so high up, the team was able to actually fly, completely breaking the game in one of the most bizarre tricks we’ve seen.

Of course, exploits like this aren’t advised and can result in bans by Blizzard, so use this at your own risk, but the fact players had the time to figure out such a strategy is quite amazing, to say the least.