Overwatch player gets reminded not to say the “P Word” during match

One streamer discovered that if you mention Paladins while playing Overwatch, there’s a good chance you’re going to get muted.

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Paladins is a similar multiplayer, team-based hero shooter released in 2016 by Hi-Rez studios a few months after Overwatch that ended up being overshadowed by the Blizzard powerhouse.

The game does still have a smaller, dedicated community, but this clip makes it clear that Overwatch players still don’t want to hear anything about Paladins.

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As the match gets started, pro Paladins player ‘Dethroner’ informs his teammates that he plays a lot of Paladins, but his team is having none of it.

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“Dude, don’t speak of that game in Overwatch, don’t ever say the P word ever again” one teammate tells him before telling Dethroner he’s getting muted.

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“Bro, don’t talk about that game in this game,” the Hanzo player tells Dethroner as the round starts.

Overwatch may have Overwatch League and a bigger player base than Paladins, but obviously the rivalry between the two hasn’t gone anywhere.