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Overwatch player figures out how to make a basket with Brigitte

Published: 26/Nov/2018 18:57 Updated: 26/Nov/2018 20:13

by Bill Cooney


Some Overwatch heroes don’t even have to try to make a basket in the spawn on some King of the Hill maps, but for others like Brigitte, it can be a little trickier.

Basketballs and hoops are located in the spawn rooms of several King of the Hill maps, and it’s become sort of a minigame for players to try and make baskets before the round begins.

Over the weekend, a post on the Overwatch subreddit claimed that Brigitte was in need of a buff because she was unable to hit the basketball into the net at all, and a good amount of users seemed to believe that was true.


That was, until one Redditor, who actually knew what they were talking about, decided to prove without a doubt that Brigitte was able to ball out.

The clip, posted to Reddit by user spwodev, shows Brigitte line up in front of the basketball and aim a good distance above it, after a well-placed swing, and a few more bounces, the ball falls through the hoop.

Spwodev said the shot didn’t come easy, in fact, it took him a whopping 93 tries to get it just right and make the basket.

Did I hear “Buff Brigitte” ? from r/Overwatch

The situation is similar to when Overwatch first came out and players were convinced that Reinhardt wasn’t able to make a basket, until one user posted a YouTube video showing it was indeed possible and that players just had to use Firestrike.


It seems to be a pretty exact process to make baskets with Brigitte though, so even though it is technically possible, players probably won’t see it too often before matches.