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Overwatch player demonstrates clever Ashe trick to survive D.Va’s Self Destruct

Published: 27/Nov/2018 17:17 Updated: 27/Nov/2018 17:30

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player showed off a clever Ashe trick for escaping D.Va’s ultimate on King’s Row.

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The latest addition to the Overwatch hero roster, Ashe was released to the live servers on November 13, and players are still figuring out what she’s capable of.

Ashe has been hugely popular, not just for her sidekick and ultimate ability B.O.B., who instantly became a fan-favorite character, but also for her interesting ability set.

With her rifle offering two modes of firing – hip-fire and aim-down-sight, the first non-sniper rifle in the game to offer the latter – in combination with her dynamite giving her a variety of damage options and her Coach Gun adding mobility, Ashe’s potential for out-play is high, but also requires high skill to execute well.


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Overwatch player u/Ilmu011 showed off one such option during the third stage of King’s Row, when the enemy team’s D.Va fired off a Self Destruct, seemingly leaving the defenders with nowhere to run or hide.

Just as the Self Destruct was about to go off, u/Ilmu011 jumped into the hole in the ground for just long enough to survive the explosion, before using Ashe’s Coach Gun to launch back onto solid ground.

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Though the tactic is obviously limited to quite specific scenarios, this isn’t the only location it be employed, with any maps with an edge or a hole of some kind – such as Ilios Well – also giving options for similar plays.


Beyond just escaping large explosions, it’s also worth being aware of Ashe’s ability to rebound from potentially lethal falls, be it for fixing personal mishaps, surviving unexpected knock-backs, or simply catching enemies off-guard.