Play two Overwatch heroes at once in this unique Workshop mode

Blizzard Entertainment

An epic Overwatch mode made with the new Workshop feature lets you play as two heroes at once.

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Introduced to the Public Test Realm (PTR) on April 24, the Overwatch Workshop is a scripting tool gives players more power than ever to alter even the most fundamental aspects of the game in custom modes. The Workshop has already proven incredibly popular with Overwatch players, spawning a huge variety of new modes.

Some players have opted to recreate modes – or even entire games – from other titles, with everything from contemporaries like a CSGO-style defuse mode or DOTA-style MOBA mode to classic 2D arcade titles like Space Invaders and Pong.

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Other players have used the power of the Workshop to create practice tools for improving at the standard game, from aim training to a mode design to help identify and learn pre-set Ana grenade spots.

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For many, however, the Workshop is a chance to exercise their creativity by coming up with entirely new modes, such as one in which players take over the body of the opponents they eliminate.

A new mode by u/Hawaiian_spawn puts another unique spin on the game, by allowing players to play as two heroes simultaneously.

With the ability to switch between characters at will, each player becomes significantly more powerful, able to chain together ability sequences that wouldn’t otherwise be possible and create solo combos that would usually require cooperation from teammates.

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The power of the potential combos is shown off by a Winston-Reaper pairing, which allows the player to launch themselves into enemy lines with the Jump Pack before unleashing a Death Blossom.

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Players that wish to try out this mode can do so with the share code Y1S15.

With the Workshop being such a major feature, Blizzard have been using its time on the PTR to actively respond to feedback and address issues far more than would be the case for a typical patch. Several updates have been made since its original appearance on the PTR, including new features and quality-of-life changes.

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Currently, the Workshop is only available to PC players, as the PTR is only available on PC. Blizzard have deliberately designed the Workshop such that it is also fully functional on consoles, however, and it will be available on all platforms once it moves to the live servers.

Blizzard haven’t announced exactly when players can expect to see the feature arrive in the live game. It’s not uncommon for major updates – such as the addition of a new hero – to remain on the PTR for roughly three weeks, but with something as complex as the Workshop it’s hard to judge how long it might take before it’s ready.

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Blizzard typically push major updates on either a Tuesday or a Thursday, so if the Workshop is going live in the coming week it will likely appear on either May 15 or May 17.