Overwatch March 25 PTR update may force Junkrat players to change how they aim

Blizzard Entertainment

March 25’s Overwatch PTR update could force Junkrat players to change the way they aim with Junkrat’s primary weapon.

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Junkrat, Reaper, and Symmetra all got updates on March 25 in an effort to make them more viable, but Junkrat’s may be the most significant one players have to get used to.

The changes are intended “to slightly increase the range at which Junkrat can land direct hits,” but it might also change the way Junkrat players have to aim with his Frag Launcher.

Blizzard EntertainmentJunkrat’s Frag Launcher got an update in the latest Overwatch PTR patch.
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The update increases the speed of Junkrat’s grenades from 20 to 25, but they now bounce less and explode sooner than they did before.

Blizzard said in the patch notes that aiming would feel the same after the changes, but early clips from the PTR show that may not be the case.

In a clip, Twitch streamer prolikechro compared Junkrat as he is live to the version currently on the PTR in the practice range.

For both, he bounced several shots off of a wall, and the live version looked pretty familiar, but on the PTR the grenades exploded in exactly the same spot each time.

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Obviously, the Frag Launcher performs differently when being shot straight on and can go farther, but a lot of Junkrat players like to use the bounce they’ve gotten used to.

Prolikechro didn’t go so far as to say whether the changes were good or bad, but did admit they were definitely different from what he’s gotten used to playing Junkrat.

The updates only hit the PTR on March 25, so the vast majority of players haven’t gotten to try the changes yet, but they do seem like they’ll take a little getting used to.

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