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Overwatch: Learn to survive Sombra’s EMP with Workshop training mode

Published: 9/Jul/2019 15:26 Updated: 9/Jul/2019 15:35

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has created a practice mode in the Workshop to help players get better at countering Sombra’s EMP.

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Sombra has been the target of some criticism for many players recently, having seen something of a surge in popularity resulting in players increasingly pointing out the bugs and features of her kit that make her quite frustrating to play against.

To help players get better at dealing with Sombra, prolific Workshop creator DarwinStreams – who is responsible for a variety of training modes including practice for Ana grenades and range tools for the likes of Orisa’s Halt – has developed an anti-EMP practice mode.


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Darwin’s latest training mode forces you to react and respond to Sombra’s EMP. An enemy Sombra bot spawns and becomes invisible, and the player must listen out for the footsteps and the sound cues that indicate where Sombra is, and when she’s about to unleash her EMP, and respond accordingly.

If you’re using Zenyatta for this training mode, your Transcendence will only last for one second – so if you try to preempt the EMP and get the timing wrong you’ll be vulnerable, meaning you have to actually react in order to survive it.


Blizzard EntertainmentThe Workshop has been an enormously popular feature in Overwatch.
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The mode can be used with a variety of heroes, however, so if you’re not a Support player but your main still has a means of combatting Sombra’s EMP – be it Roadhog’s hook, McCree’s flashbang, or another defensive ability – you can use it to practice responding to the ultimate.

Those who want to try out this training mode can do so by importing it with share code PS3P4.

Anti EMP Practice – improve your reaction speed to EMP [workshop by DarwinStreams] from r/Overwatch

As well as creating practice modes designed to help people improve at the game, Darwin is also responsible for fun modes like D.Va racing, Overwatch Pictionary and even a mode inspired by an anime meme.


The Workshop has proven an incredibly popular feature since its release, not only for the countless number of creative new games players have been able to create, but also because it allows for the development of tools like this that make improving at the game much easier and more efficient.