Overwatch League pro Diem takes out enemy Sombra with one insane Widowmaker shot

Overwatch League pro Min-seong ‘Overwatch clips of the year so far.

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Diem plays DPS for the Shanghai Dragons after being signed by the team before Season 2 began. Fun fact: he’s good friends with Philadelphia Fusion pro Jae-hyeok ‘Carpe Lee, and their names together make up the phrase ‘Carpe diem’ (Latin for “Seize the Day”).

It also seems both of them have a knack for playing Widow, which diem proved against a very unfortunate Sombra player in a recent match.

The Overwatch LeagueDiem has played for the Dragons since the beginning of Season 2.
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Can we get a slow motion replay?

Diem, being the Overwatch League pro that he is, is pretty good at Widowmaker, and starts out the clip finishing off an enemy Orisa with one shot.

Next, it’s the cocky Tracer’s turn to get sent back to spawn by Diem, before he starts scoping up at what appears to be nothing.

Then, out of absolutely nowhere, diem flicks wildly to the left and sends a completely cloaked Sombra straight back to the Shadow Realm.

Diem said on Twitter he heard the Sombra sneaking around, which is how he made the shot, but by watching the clip it’s also clear the dude has pure skill.

On top of all that, it sounds absolutely hilarious when Sombra gets eliminated using the Korean voice pack.

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When does Overwatch League come back?

Overwatch League is currently on break before Stage 3, which starts on June 6. diem and the Dragons will take on the Los Angeles Valiants in the last match on June 6.

The Dragons have been doing much better with a new roster in Season 2, effectively leaving the legendary 0-40 season (which can never be topped, due to scheduling changes) in the past.

Whatever the “meta” ends up being in Stage 3 for Overwatch League teams, hopefully we’ll at least get to see diem click a few heads with Widow.