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Overwatch League fans have made caster MonteCristo into an anime villain

Published: 2/Jan/2019 18:12 Updated: 2/Jan/2019 18:21

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch League Caster MonteCristo’s tweet about the League and its players not being an anime series seems to have made him into a true anime villain in the eyes of some fans.

On December 26, Monte sent out his now-infamous “Overwatch League is not an anime” tweet, which started one of the best conversations about fandom and the league during the offseason so far.

Now, it seems like fans are determined to prove to Monte that Overwatch League is indeed an anime, and have made him into the villain.

On January 2, Overwatch League fan and artist Rswany said that since Monte Cristo insisted the League wasn’t an anime, he would bring the anime to Monte, literally.


The video Rswany made features an anime Montecristo reading his tweet, in Japanese of course, on stage at the Blizzard Arena. He even gets an evil laugh perfect for an animated bad guy.

So it looks like Monte’s tweet about Overwatch not being an anime has only ended up turning it into even more of one.

It’s not the only video made in response to Monte, either. Artist and Overwatch fan Mercury JC made their own video that seems to prove the Overwatch League is in fact an anime as well. 

Monte is also cast as the antagonist in Mercury’s video, so it’s pretty clear he’s being set up to be the main villain of Overwatch League’s Season Two arc.


If anything, Monte’s tweet provided plenty of entertainment for Overwatch League fans patiently waiting for Season Two to begin on February 14.