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Overwatch League analyst explains why GOATS is actually fun to watch

Published: 5/Mar/2019 11:38 Updated: 5/Mar/2019 11:56

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch League analyst Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson has explained why he thinks the GOATS meta is actually one of the more entertaining metas in Overwatch history.

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The “GOATS meta” refers to the era in which the “GOATS” composition – a triple-tank, triple-support line-up named for the Contenders team that popularized it – has been the dominant strategy.

GOATS has been at the forefront of the competitive game for several months now, and fans aren’t too happy about it.

Perhaps the biggest criticism of GOATS is that it’s not very entertaining to watch. The lack of DPS characters in particular reduces the prevalence of the flashier plays which tend to be the domain of the likes of Widowmakers, Tracers, and Genjis, for instance.


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Blizzard EntertainmentGOATS has come under much criticism since its ascension as the dominant strategy.

It’s this point, however, that Sideshow contests. After stating that he would actually rank GOATS fourth out of the 11 major metas that have at some point dominated competitive Overwatch, Sideshow argued that GOATS is actually more intricate at the highest level than most alternatives.

“I find GOATS really interesting. I think it’s got a shit-tonne of complexity to it in terms of how you rotate all of your resources and how you use your ultimates, and I just think there’s a lot of really cool stuff. The more you know about GOATS, the more you enjoy watching GOATS.”

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GOATS discussion starts at 37:09 for mobile viewers.

Unfortunately for Sideshow – although to the undoubted relief of much of the rest of the audience – it seems GOATS’ reign may be coming to an end. A massive wave of balance changes is currently being tested on the PTR, some of which seem specifically targeted at bringing down GOATS, and which at least some pros think it will be successful in doing.


Blizzard haven’t yet announced when the changes will reach the live servers, but based on past tendencies for the March hero release – as the PTR patch also introduces new hero Baptiste – it’s likely to arrive around March 20, give or take a day or two.