Overwatch July 31 PTR update buffs Sigma, bug fixes – Full patch notes

Blizzard released an Seagull and Jeff Kaplan from Blizzard HQ.

Since then players have been trying out the newest tank to join the game and Blizzard has been tweaking him to get ready to bring him into the main game.

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Sigma’s barrier gets buffed

Sigma can now recall his barrier while Kinetic Grasp (which absorbs enemy damage) or Accretion (which throws a rock) are in use.

The change could give Sigma players more flexibility with how they use his Experimental Shield and abilities.

Blizzard EntertainmentSigma is still getting some changes on the PTR.
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Sigma can also cancel Kinetic Grasp with Accretion after the update which is another a good quality of life upgrade for the tank.

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Besides the changes to Sigma, he along with Reinhardt, Sombra and Wrecking ball all received various bug fixes as well.

Blizzard EntertainmentThere’s still time to get Tulum Sombra before the Summer Games event ends too.
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We still don’t know exactly when Sigma will be released from the PTR, but at least Blizzard are taking their time to try and get the new hero right.

The full patch notes for the July 31 PTR update are listed below:



Kinetic Grasp

  • Can now be cancelled by Accretion.

Experimental Barrier

  • Can now be recalled while Kinetic Grasp or Accretion are in use.

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  • Placement previews should now be much smoother (Reaper Shadowstep, Mei Ice Wall, etc).
  • Placement previews will now hold their position after clicking, until they’ve been confirmed by the server.
  • Fixed a bug where first person animations sometimes wouldn’t play when abilities were used immediately after being frozen.
  • Fixed a bug where orientation toggles for placements could flicker at higher latencies (Ice Wall, Amplification Matrix, Photon Barrier).
  • Workshop – ‘Set Max Health’ now functions as intended.



  • Fixed a bug that caused charge knockback to be applied multiple times.


  • Accretion now correctly deals half damage to self.
  • Accretion projectile no longer gets destroyed when impacting Symmetra turrets.
  • Gravitic Flux can now move Pharah during Rocket Barrage.
  • Fixed a bug where victims of Gravitic Flux could get stuck on slippery rooftops.
  • Fixed a bug where Gravitic Flux would fail to work on Dropship doors.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Sigma to avoid an enemy’s Gravitic Flux effect by activating his ultimate.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Sigma to retain some of his movement ability when he was incapacitated (stunned, slept, etc) during his Gravitic Flux.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Gravitic Flux to not be cancelled if you switch to another hero while it is active.


  • Fixed a bug where Sombra couldn’t gain ultimate charge for one second after EMP hack auras end on targets.

Wrecking Ball

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Wrecking Ball to be temporarily stuck when using Piledriver on a slippery terrain.