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Overwatch job listings indicate new missions and story development in the works

Published: 22/Aug/2019 22:29 Updated: 22/Aug/2019 23:45

by Michael Gwilliam


Job listings on the Blizzard website are hinting at what the company has in the pipeline for the future of the Overwatch franchise. 

It was previously reported by Kotaku that Blizzard was working on a sequel to Overwatch designed around PvE gameplay similar to a co-op game like Left 4 Dead or the previously-released Archives event modes. 

The job posting for a “Senior Games Writer” asks for a candidate who has “demonstrated success as an experienced game developer with strong creative writing experience, excellent collaboration skills, and a real passion for Overwatch.” 

Blizzard EntertainmentMore Overwatch games appear to be in the works at Blizzard.

Part of the role’s responsibilities are, “Quickly write and iterate on compelling dialogue for characters, missions, and cinematics.”

The plural use of ‘missions’ indicate that more story-based gameplay is on the horizon. It’s unclear if ‘cinematics’ are for animated shorts or in-game cutscenes. 

Other duties include writing “in-game backstory for the world, factions, and characters and contributing “to the story development of the Overwatch universe”.

So far, there has been very little advancement of actual Overwatch lore after the Recall animated short all the way back in 2016. Signs indicate that Overwatch is set to expand in a major way. 

Another job posting, this time for a ‘Design Manager’ reads, “Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a skilled people manager to support a world-class Design team focused on creating the next generation of content for the Overwatch franchise.”

‘Next generation’ could include a new title or even a potential release on next-gen consoles such as the upcoming PlayStation 5 and new Xbox. Calling Overwatch a ‘franchise’ also indicates a possible new game. 

Blizzard EntertainmentCould more Overwatch ‘missions’ such as Retribution be coming soon?

At Blizzcon 2018, Executive Producer Allen Adham said the company was working on mobile titles for all of their IPs. However, nothing has been announced since, except of course for Diablo: Immortal. 

Given the success of Overwatch, a game that has made over $1B from in-game spending alone, it’s no surprise that mobile and potential sequels are being worked on. 

With Blizzcon coming in November, it’s possible that’s we get our first glimpse of a new Overwatch game. 


Overwatch players discover secret Reaper buff in new patch

Published: 24/Feb/2021 20:50

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players with Reaper in their hero repertoire will be happy to know the Talon DPS was on the receiving end of a powerful quality-of-life change that buffs the shotgun-wielding damage dealer.

Undocumented changes aren’t exactly anything new in Overwatch, but it’s always a bit surprising when a hero receives a buff that wasn’t listed in the official patch notes.

The latest Overwatch update on February 18 brought in some changes for Reaper that saw his range increase at the cost of some damage reduction. Although the changes were a net buff, there was something else lurking in the update that further increases his strength.

As noticed by player ‘TheeNinjaBanana’ on Reddit, Reaper can now cancel his reload to use Shadow Step – something that he previously was unable to do.

Reaper poses with a box of fireworks
Blizzard Entertainment
Reaper mains are celebrating the new buff.

Most heroes in Overwatch are already able to cancel their reload animations through the use of abilities, but, for whatever reason, Reaper was unable to until now.

Shadow Step isn’t exactly the most powerful ability in Overwatch, but it does have some uses, especially when it comes to quickly traversing maps and gaining access to the high ground.

Perfectly-timed Shadow Steps can also be used to attain a brief moment of invincibility, which can save Reaper from ultimates such as D.Va’s Self-Destruct or Junkrat’s Riptire in the event his Wraith Form is on cooldown.

Reaper on Hanamura
Blizzard Entertainment
Reaper can be a bigger threat when he’s off the map.

It’s also extremely useful as a way to get back on the map if he ever gets booped off. Previously, if Reaper was reloading and got knocked off, it would be lights out, but now, he can teleport back freely.

Overall, players seem pleased with the buff. “I did this by accident the other day yesterday, pretty happy with this change,” one user commented.

“It’s a great change because that was literally the only ability in the whole game that couldn’t cancel reload,” another remarked.

For anyone who mains Overwatch’s edgelord, be sure to remember this buff as it could end up paying dividends if you find yourself in a tough situation off the map.