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Overwatch: How to win a Graviton Surge battle between Zarya and D.Va

Published: 20/Dec/2018 18:57 Updated: 20/Dec/2018 19:14

by Bill Cooney


Zarya’s Graviton Surge can easily decide team fights in Overwatch, but D.Va’s Defense Matrix can just as easily gobble it up; and A new video by YouTuber yeatle gives some great tips on how to handle both sides of this unique engagement.

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Defense Matrix allows D.Va to delete all incoming projectile and hit scan damage for up to 2 seconds, so it can eat a number of different character’s ultimates, not just Zarya.

Graviton Surge is effective with basically any high damage dealing ultimate, because it traps the enemy team in place for 4 seconds, but this also makes it a prime target to be eaten by an ambitious D.Va’s Defense Matrix.


Yeatle’s video covers some tips on how to use Graviton when there’s an enemy D.Va lurking around and the flip side: how to steal Zarya’s ultimate with Defense Matrix.

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According to the video, the easiest way to use Graviton is by “yeeting it onto an object between you and the enemy D.Va.”

This works because Defense Matrix can’t pass through objects like walls or the payload, allowing Zarya’s ultimate to deploy.

If there are no objects between Zarya and the enemy D.Va, yeatle explains that simply paying attention to the enemy D.Va is the most effective way to know when to use Graviton, since D.Va’s Matrix has a one second cooldown.


“She can only eat Gravs predictably, not reactively,” yeatle tells viewers. “So unless you’re throwing a coping Grav, there’s a free window of opportunity after she drops her matrix.”

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On the other hand, a D.Va should know when the enemy Zarya has their ultimate, either through communication with the team or just estimating based on team fights; the video also goes into greater detail on what scenarios D.Va players should look for.

Yeatle managed to cram a ton of great information into a short video that’s worth watching even if you don’t play a lot of either D.Va or Zarya.